Chile Customs and Imports
Chile Customs and importsImporting goods to Chile for both commercial and personal use can be much more complicated than international shipping companies or customs agents in Chile will often lead you to believe. The attorneys and staff at Spencer Global have extensive experience in handling complex imports for both commercial purposes and for individuals and families planning to moving to Chile.

Often simply getting shipments to the docks in Chile is the easy part. It is after the goods arrive that our clients frequently find they need assistance to deal with such things as customs agents, paying import tax, receiving agricultural certification, coordinating domestic shipping and storage, or complying with other regulatory requirements.

The key to shipping to Chile with the least amount of problems and to reduce cost is to have effective legal planning before the shipment is sent to avoid problems after arrival in Chile.  For companies planning to import products in to the Chilean market this may include receiving regulatory approval for product safety and health certificates for the products to be sold before shipments are sent from their country of origin. This also may include legal assistance to take advantage of the many benefits related to the numerous Chile Free Trade Agreements and Tax agreements Chile has with numerous countries around the World. For individuals and families, this often means coordinating shipments with things like immigration applications for residency to receive the full tax advantages for the import of personal goods.  Before shipping to Chile, we urge you to please contact us for a free consultation with one of our Chilean Attorneys regarding your shipping and other plans in Chile.

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Chile Tax Free Imports for New Residents
Chile Customs and Imports
Chile provides for a one time tax free import for new residents moving to Chile. There are very strict requirements that you must comply with to receive this tax benefit at Chilean customs, and they most be completed before you ship your personal goods to Chile.
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