Immigration Law: Chile Visas and Citizenship
Chile visas and Citizenship
Our immigration attorneys at Spencer Global fully understands the complexity of immigrating law in Chile. Our office stays current on the complex and ever-changing immigration rules and regulations in Chile, and their relationship to other Chilean laws and Regulations. for our clients Our team is in contact with the Chilean Immigration offices, Chilean INTERPOL, and the consulates and embassies of Chile around the World on a nearly daily basis tracking our clients' applications and documents to eliminate delays or problems.

There are many “immigration assistance” services in Chile that can help you file a basic immigration application, but few can provide the fully integrated services and experience of Spencer Global. There are often many larger legal issues for our clients to consider when applying for Chilean residency or Citizenship, from wanting to start a business, to legalizing documents in a foreign country, to planning for future tax benfits when applying for a residency visa in Chile. We can help you understand the legal implications of the decisions you make from the start of the immigration process in Chile,  especially in those complex personal situations that extend beyond the normal procedures of the Chilean Immigration office and other goverment agencies of Chile.  

We provide fully personalized service to each and every client.  Our clients include everyone from families, retirees, and investor that would like to move to Chile to descendants of Chileans that would like to exercise their right to dual citizenship in Chile.

NOTE: We can not provide services to nationals of the following countries or any country that is only eligiable for a 30 day tourist visa to Chile: Pakistan, India, Eypt, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Bangladesh.  You must contact the Chilean consulate in your home country and apply for a visa through the Chilean Consulate. Please do not contact us.

Chile Immigration Services:
Temporary residency applications
Permanent residency applications
Retirement and Periodic Income Visas
Investor Visas
Legalization of Foreign documents for immigration
Chilean Citizenship and Dual Citizenship
Chilean Income Tax Planning
Chilean Tax Payer ID Numbers ( RUT numbers )

Chile Immigration Visa Rejected or Denied
Immigration Law: Chile Visas and Citizenship
What to do if your immigration visa to Chile was denied or rejected.

If you have a temporary or permanent residency immigration application to Chile rejected or denied, all is not lost . There are far too many reasons for the department of immigration in Chile to reject a particular visa application for us to cover them all in this short article. We just want to quickly look at a few of the more common reasons a visa might be rejected, and what can be done about them.  
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Visas in Chile and Criminal Background Checks
Immigration Law: Chile Visas and Citizenship
Many people considering applying for residency in Chile are told they must submit an FBI background check, police record, or similar official criminal background report to apply for a visa to Chile. This is only partially true, and only if you apply for a temporary residency visa, student visa, or work visa to Chile through one of the Chilean consulates outside of Chile. Even people that have never committed a crime or only small crimes, may be discouraged from moving to Chile because of this requirement.  We would like to explain when exactly a criminal background check is required for a visa in Chile, and when it is not. More importantly, a criminal record may not disqualify you from moving to Chile even if you are required to submit such a criminal report.
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Chile Visa Requirements
Immigration Law: Chile Visas and Citizenship
One of the questions we are most frequently asked by foreigners wishing to apply for permanent residency in Chile is how much does an individual have to make to qualify for periodic income visa. As there is no official answer from Chilean immigration department regarding income, or more exactly it is closely held secret, we would like to give you some examples so that foreigners applying in Chile for permanent residency can get a better idea about what is required before applying for the periodic income visa. You should also read our other related articles on immigration to Chile and Chile visas for other Chile immigration requirements and visa requirements.
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Chile Visas
Immigration Law: Chile Visas and Citizenship
There are generally three types of visas that most foreigners will required in Chile. This short guide will help distinguish the types of visas, work permits, student visas available to foreigners wishing to immigrated to Chile.
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Chilean Citizenship
Immigration Law: Chile Visas and Citizenship
Decedents of Chileans or people born in Chile can now apply for dual citizenship in Chile without renouncing their current citizenship and may obtain a second passport in Chile along with other rights of Chilean citizens.
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Chile Dual Citizenship and Passports
Immigration Law: Chile Visas and Citizenship
Chilean Residency, Dual Citizenship, and Dual passports in Chile

Permanent Residency in Chile is relatively easy for a foreigner to obtain under a "Retirement and Periodic Income" Visa. We have written about the permanent residency requirements for Chile in other articles. What has not been discussed much is what rights a foreigner is entitle to, once you receive your permanent residency in Chile. We take a brief look at some of the rights, including obtaining a second passport, voting, and most importantly duel citizenship. The thing that makes Chile standout among Latin American countries is that you can have all of this without “buying citizenship” as many of the more corrupt countries in the World try to sell to expats. Essentially all you need to do is wait five years to qualify, after obtaining your permanent residency in Chile.
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