Chile Legalization and Notarization of Documents

document legalization ChileSome  of the most common services that any foreigner dealing with Chile will require is document legalization and document notarization for documents originating in foreign jurisdictions for official use in Chile. Chile is not a party to the Hague convention on signature recognition. Thus, for a foreign documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, corporate charters, notary stamps, and many others to be legally recognized in Chile for official use it is often necessary to legalize the document.

The exact process can vary greatly from country to country, document to document, and for what purpose the document is ultimately going to be used for in Chile. Spencer Global has extensive experience in numerous countries around the World in handling document legalization and notarization, and have handled the legalization and notarization of thousands of foreign documents for use in Chile.

We do provide document legalization services to people and organizations that are not otherwise our clients, and there is no obligation to retain our services for other projects. Please contact us to find out if your documents need to be legalized for use in Chile, and receive a quote for our document legalization services.

Chile Legalization Services:
Full document legalization assistance
Chilean Notarized documents
Powers of attorney
Assistance with requesting originals in foreign countries
Authentication of foreign notary and other official seals
Chile Foreign Ministry certification
Chilean Consulate and Embassy certification
Chilean Notary “protocolizacion” ( recording of document as a public record in Chile )
Official document translations

Chile Legalization
Chile Legalization and Notarization of Documents
Chile document legalization basics, including why an  Apostille is not acceptable under Chilean Law and basic steps that must be completed for all foreign documents to be legally accepted for official use in Chile.

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Chile Powers of Attorney and Legalization
Chile Legalization and Notarization of Documents
Notarization of documents for use in Chile gets complicated in foreign countries, as Chile is not a party to the Hague convention on Legalization. One of the most common documents and services that we provide for our clients is the drafting and execution of limited powers of attorney, when our clients are unable or unwilling to visit Chile in person to perform some official function. Thus, we will in this article look at legalization of Chilean powers of attorney signed outside Chile and then legalized for use in Chile.

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Notary Publics in Chile
Chile Legalization and Notarization of Documents
A notary public in Chile has much more power and responsibility than notaries in other countries. They are also far more regulated as a consequence. A close analogy would be something similar to a clerk of court in the United States, but with much more authority. They are public ministers of faith, and are charged with verifying not only signatures but the structure of official legal documents to a certain extent. Notaries fulfill a broad range of duties in Chile, the most important is to act as a independent third-party representing the general public interest in a transactions and keeping public records of those transactions.

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