Immigration Visas and Citizenship in Chile

Spencer Global has years of experience in assisting foreigners in navigating the complex and confusing immigration system in Chile. We simplify the immigration process for private clients and foreign companies in Chile. From international corporations relocating executives and workers to Chile, to self-employed contractors, to entire families looking to start a new life in Chile, we have assisted hundreds of foreigners in obtaining temporary residency, permanent residency, and citizenship in Chile.

Chile - U.S. Visa Waiver Program

Chile has been accepted by the United States to the U.S. Visa Waiver program. This means for Citizens of Chile, including new immigrants to Chile that obtain Chilean citizenship and a valid Chilean passport in most case, may now travel to the United States without first applying for a U.S. Visa for travel to the United States for up to 90 days.

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Time Needed to Qualify for Citizenship in Chile?

Chile's department of immigration (Departamento de Extranjería y Migración) has determined that the time before a person qualifies for applying for full residency in Chile starts when temporary residency is granted and you receive your official visa status in your passport. The Chilean Goverment has also set new limits on how much time you must be physically in Chile to qualify for Citizenship in Chile.

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Types of Visas in Chile

The type of visa you need in Chile can sometimes be confusing. We will here list the most common types of visa application types and also explain diffrent immigration status that foreigners might have in Chile. We will also describe the type of person or circumstances in which an individual should apply for a particular visa or immigration status in Chile.

Citizenship, Naturalization

Permanent Residents of Chile for at least Five years qualify to apply for full citizenship in Chile. It is also possible to continue to continue to live as a full Permanent Resident in Chile, but there are certain benefits to being applying to be a citizen of Chile. Among other rights, you are allowed to obtain a Chilean passport, while maintaining any other passport or dual citizenship.

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New Work Visa in Chile

New Work Visa for Chile provides for more independence for workers, and quicker route to Permanent Residency. Among many advantages of this new work visa, ability to work for other employers beyond your first employer, change employers without applying again for a work visa, and ability to apply for Permanent Residency in Chile after just one year of Temporary Residency In Chile.  

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Retire Income Tax Free

Chile does not impose income tax on foreign pensions or social security of foreigners with residency in Chile. This is in addition to other tax benefits for new residents of Chile, such as the three year foreign income tax exemption or dual tax treaties that exist between Chile and many other countries.

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How much income to Immigrate to Chile?

The primary requirement to qualify for the retirement and periodic income visa in Chile is not so much the amount of money that you have, but the periodic nature of it. Let me stress the “periodic” part of the test used by immigration to qualify for this type of immigration visa in Chile. The most difficult residencies we handle are when people liquidate everything thing they own, quit their job, close their old bank accounts, and open a new account where they deposit their entire life savings before moving to Chile. With no other source of regular income, they have effectively ended their entire financial history. They essentially burn all bridges and evidence that might prove they have a periodic income for applying for residency visas in Chile. That is besides Chilean immigration viewing it as suspect that they do not have a normal financial history in the country they departed from before moving to Chile.

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Chile Retirement and Perodic Income Visa

The retirement and periodic income visa in Chile is for most foreigners the most direct and commonly granted visa to live and work in Chile. You do not need to be retired to obtain this visa. You do need to prove sufficient money and resources to support yourself and your family. This visa allows you to work, start a business, invest in Chile, or simply do nothing. Of all the different types of visas available in Chile, the retirement and periodic income visa comes with the least number of conditions attached to it, and most foreigners will qualify for this visa in Chile.

Rejected Visa Application in Chile

Chile's department of immigration often does rejects visas. Most rejected visa applications however can be fixed. The majority are rejected because either a mistake was made by the immigration office or a mistake was made by the applicant in submitting the visa application. That rejection however can take months to fix. We can help.

Investor Visa In Chile

The “Investor Visa” in Chile although easy to obtain in the first year is much more difficult to keep in the second year. With the investor visa you are essentially making the Chilean department of immigration your business partner in Chile. We will show investors how to avoid the problems with this visa, and provide alternative visas to invest in Chile

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