Spencer Global would like to announce the completion of our expansion with our recent acquisition of a partnership in a Santiago Law firm. This new law firm will be operating as Veloso, Flores, and Valenzuela. Our senior Chilean attorney and expert in international law, Zandra Valenzuela will be a managing named partner of Veloso, Flores, and Valenzuela, allowing us to provide the specialized consulting services of Spencer Global outside of the legal field, while also providing the best legal council available in Chile to all of our clients.

The law firm of  Veloso, Flores, and Valenzuela has its roots in the legendary law firm of Mosquera & Asociados founded by the former Dean of the University of Chile Law school Mario Mosquera Ruiz in 1963.

At the same time, we are also happy to announce the move of our new office in Providencia Santiago:

Torre Nueva Santa María
Av. Los Conquistadores 1730
Office 1701
Providencia, Santiago, CHILE

Spencer Global will continue providing international legal, relocation, and professional consulting services across all parts of Chile. In conjunction with our existing Legal, Relocation, and Consulting Services, this new expansion will allow us to offer a full spectrum of legal services including such areas as corporate, tax, litigation, family law, and many other areas of both Chilean and international law.

More information about the Santiago Law Firm of Veloso, Flores, and Valenzuela may be found at:

vfvlaw.com (English) or vfvestudio.cl (Spanish)

In addition to the increased legal capabilities our new partners and associates bring in terms of collective years of legal experience, we will also be expanding our professional consulting services to include environmental auditing, European Union Trade law, and much more. This will augment our already well established reputation in the areas of real estate, immigration, and investment consulting in Chile.  All our consulting services will be directly overseen and managed by our group of attorneys to insure the highest level of legal, ethical, and regulatory compliance in everything we do.

A special emphasis will be placed on international family law, providing more services in the areas of international divorce, child custody, and family inheritance law. This will be complemented by the relocation and investment services of Spencer Global to provide tailored family office related services to our international clients and their families.

About our Senior attorneys:

Paulina Veloso is a former General secretary to the President of Chile, Former dean of the University of Chile Law School, and currently a professor of law at the University of Chile law school and Catholica University law school. She is currently special council for defense of the Chilean state.  

Paola Florez is a specialist in Chilean Family law, a University of Chile graduate and Professor, and managing partner in the former iterations of our current law firm through “Gómez Katz & Flores Clunes abogados”, “Estudio Jurídico Blanco, Flores y Reyes Abogados”, “Mosquera y Asociados” y, and most recently “Veloso, Flores y Reyes”.

Zandra Valenzuela is an expert in private and public International law, studied at the University of Chile and the University of Amsterdam. Zandra is founding partner of Spencer Global Chile, and is a professor of international law at several Universities in Chile.