Spencer Global is a unique law firm located in Chile, South America dedicated to providing services to international clients.

Spencer Global was founded in 2004 by Charles Spencer and his wife, Chilean Attorney Zandra Valenzuela. After traveling the World for many years, living in the United States, Europe, and China, Mr. Spencer and Mrs. Valenzuela returned to Chile. They recognized that Chile lacked many essential legal and professional services for foreigners that are commonly found in many countries. They set out to build a new sort of law firm in Chile, that was capable of providing integrated legal and professional services under one roof for foreign clients and cases involving international law.

We understand Chile, The World, and You

We are confident that no other law firm in Chile can provide the unique services of Spencer Global. The chief difference between Spencer Global and traditional law firms in Chile is we know how to communicate with our foreign clients. We provide bilingual services in English, Spanish, and many other languages.

We believe there is much more to providing competent legal council than merely translating words from one language to another. For our clients to truly understand, we need to place information in the most familiar legal, linguistic, and cultural context possible for our clients, in a transparent and timely manner. Only then can our clients make fully informed decisions, so we may be certain we are truly representing their best interests.

About Charles Spencer
Charles Spencer is the General Manager of Spencer Global. Charles holds an M.A. in Philosophy of Language and Artificial Intelligence and studied at the Institute for Logic, Language, and Computer Science in the Netherlands.

About Zandra Valenzuela
Zandra Valenzuela is Senior Attorney Spencer Global. Zandra is a professor of International Law, a graduate of the University of Chile Law School (the Harvard of Chile), and studied International Law in the Netherlands. Zandra is originally from Santiago, Chile.

Prior to forming Spencer Global with Charles Spencer, Zandra Valenzuela was director of an innovative community safety and crime prevention program in Chile funded by a public / private partnership of city mayors and senators in Chile. The success of the pilot program was eventually recognized and formally adopted by the Chilean Government to become a national office for victims rights and community safety now operating across Chile.

In addition to Zandra's extensive experience in practicing Chilean and International Law, Zandra worked as a professional translator and interpreter both in Chile and Europe, and teaches international law at several Universities in Chile. Zandra is frequently called as an expert witness in cases around the World involving matters of Chilean law.