Spencer Global is a unique law firm located in Chile, South America dedicated to providing services to international clients, both inside and outside Chile.

Spencer Global was founded in 2004 by Charles Spencer and Chilean Attorney Zandra Valenzuela.

Spencer Global was formed to address a critical deficiency in the Chilean market for essential international legal and professional services that foreign investors commonly find in many countries around the World. We set out to build a new sort of law firm in Chile, that was capable of providing integrated legal and professional services under one roof for clients with international investment projects and international legal cases involving Chile.

2018 and beyond: Something Old, Something New

After over a decade of working in strategic partnership with the Santiago Law Firm of Veloso, Flores y Reyes, covering some of our largest international legal cases and projects, we will be formalizing our long-standing working relationship between Spencer Global and Veloso, Flores, Reyes.

Zandra Valenzuela will become a named managing partner of this expanded law firm ofVeloso, Flores, and Valenzuela”, and Charles Spencer will be taking over as general manager of the combined entities.

Office of Spencer Global SantiagoSpencer Global will form international division at Veloso, Flores and Valenzuela Law Firm, providing services in the areas of international law and international professional consulting. Of course, we will be providing the same high quality personalized legal services our current clients enjoy; while at the same time, expanding our professional services and consulting outside the field of international law.

The professional services and consulting by Spencer Global will have the expanded resources of a traditional law firm managing the execution of consulting projects in conjunction with providing full legal services in such areas as corporate law, tax law, family law, litigation, and much more.

Our professional consulting services will also include auditing of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) for foreign corporations doing business in Chile; and, for Chilean companies looking to expand in to international markets outside of Chile we will be providing the services they need to comply with current international trade regulations and standards.

New Offices in Santiago

In 2018, we will be moving our offices in Santiago to a new building, conveniently located between the new financial and investment centers of Las Condes, Santiago; but, still within easy reach of the historic downtown Santiago courts and stock market. For our international clients, this new office will also be located near many of the best international hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers, and the most desirable upscale parts of Santiago for living and working.

Law office and Professional services outside of Santiago

We will continue to provide full legal services across Chile, and will maintain our office in the fastest growing region of Chile, Los Lagos region 10. Our office in Southern Chile will continue to provides convenient location for clients with projects in the South of Chile, while our new office in Santiago will be providing a second base of operation for our expanded law firm in the capital of Chile. 

New International Attorneys in Europe

Due to the explosive increase in demand for trade and investment with Chile, we will be adding two new associate attorneys in 2018 based in London and Italy to provide direct coordination with our international clients through-out the European Union and across the European region. Our new attorneys speak English, Spanish, Italian, and other languages, and practice trade law across the European Union.

The Pacific Alliance Trade Block
We will be expanding in the second half of 2018, providing legal and support services for foreign clients outside of Latin America, that wish to use Chile as a strategic access point to the Pacific Alliance trade block for the countries of Peru, Colombia, and Mexico. Combined with our international team covering European region, this will provide a single base of operations for international clients wishing to trade with the rest of Latin America.

About Charles Spencer
Charles Spencer is the General Manager of Spencer Global. Charles holds an M.A. in Philosophy of Language and Artificial Intelligence and studied at the Institute for Logic, Language, and Computer Science in the Netherlands. Charles is originally from the United States and has spent the last 25 years managing companies across the Americas.

About Zandra Valenzuela
Zandra Valenzuela is Senior Attorney at Spencer Global. Zandra is a professor of International Law, a graduate of the University of Chile Law School (the Harvard of Chile), and studied International Law in the Netherlands. Zandra is originally from Santiago, Chile.