spencer global chile law firmThe Law Firm of Spencer Global is composed of Chilean Attorneys, Lawyers, and other Experts dedicated to providing services exclusively to International Clients in Chile. Our goal is to be the best law firm in Chile for foreign clients with international legal matters.

All of our services are provided by English Speaking Attorneys, Translators, and Staff. We provide services across Chile, from the Mining Industry in the North of Chile, to the Capital of Santiago, to remote towns in the Patagonia at the tip of South America.

We represent a diverse group of clients from around the World. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, small investors, families relocating, Chilean citizens living abroad, and even foreign lawyers and law firms requiring assistance with legal matters in Chile. If you have a legal issue that includes some element of international law and Chile, our law firm is right for you.

As always, we are happy to answer your questions.
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From Outside Chile: 1-917-727-5985
In Chile: (56 country code) + 65 2 421 024.
Chile by Cell: 747 97974

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9 AM and 5 PM, U.S. EST

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1-917-727-5985 ( From the United States and Outside Chile )
( Chile Country Code 56 ) + 65-2-421-024 ( Inside Chile )
Avda. Carlos Richter 35 B
Frutillar, Region Los Lagos,

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